Jul 25, 2015

The Road to JET: Part Five: Goodbyes are Never Easy

In the few weeks since my last post things have gotten progressively more and more busy. I have found out a lot more details about my schools, the teachers I will be working with, and about what my first few weeks will look like. I've also started wrapping up my time here in Canada which has been anything but easy.

Packing was its own nightmare, though it went quite a bit easier than I thought it would. I'm bringing one large suitcase, and one medium sized one, along with a small gym bag and a purse with me to Japan, and have a couple boxes of stuff for storage at my moms place. I have been really lucky in that I have lived with roommates most of my adult life so I had very little the the way of possessions that I had to get rid of, but there was still a lot that I had to sort through.

On the 18th I left the city I have been living in for the past 6 years. I've made so many friends and ties there so it was really hard to leave. I was doing really well until the day of, on which I had to say goodbye to my boyfriend and roommate, which was really hard. Me and a friend drove to Edmonton where my mom and sister are, and I had a good cry that night as all the emotions hit me super hard about this whole JET and Japan thing.

Sadly I haven't been able to rest too much here in Edmonton the past few days because of a death in the family, making the whole mood the first couple days here pretty grim with the wake and funeral and such. I was able to sell my desktop to my sister, and got that set up for her, and went with my mom to buy a laptop for myself as a gift from my grandma and my mom for graduating University (but mainly because I needed one). Been spending most of my days just being with family, setting my laptop up, and buying a few last minute things I still needed/need. We are having a BBQ on Monday, then I leave Edmonton on Wednesday to spend my last few days in Vancouver with a close friend, and going to the last pre-departure orientation before my flight on Saturday!

It's hard to believe I only have a week left in Canada before moving myself to the other side of the world. I'm a big mess of nerves - excitement and nervousness and worry and sadness all at once. I also know I'm in good hands with my placement; people from the neighborhood I will be living in have already reached out to us newbies and planned a bunch of events for our first couple days such as a scavenger hunt, game night, and BBQ to welcome us, and have been in contact with us about things like our apartments and phone plans and all that. I also know that while I am worried about money (I am NOT bringing what I should be with me money-wise...) my family has my back and won't let me starve my first month... which is good, but I'm hoping it doesn't come to that! It shouldn't as long as I am careful and nothing comes up out of the blue.

This will end off my Road to Jet series. My next post will likely be a Tokyo Orientation recap/first impressions after my first week/couple weeks - depending on when I get internet! In the meantime if you want to follow me a bit more closely, check out my links on the sidebar for my instagram, tumblr, and twitter which I will be updating as much as I can.

See you on the other side!