Oct 4, 2016

Computer Issues

I haven't posted since June, wow...
Well, I do have a legitimate reason. My laptop died. Super died. 
My hard drive completely failed after I accidentally put my laptop down not quite gently enough one day while trying to move it one handed...

It was just my hard drive though, so I was able to fix it... eventually. But summer was so busy, I honestly was never at home to even have time to use it, so I never got around ti fixing it till a week ago. Luckily it was a pretty easy fix (switching out the hard drive for a new one) and I only lost a few months of data, as the rest was copied onto my external hard drive. 

But, when it was broken it meant I couldn't make any posts, as blogger on mobile is horrible. I do have a lot of posts planned out though, so I'm hoping to get them published quickly so this can be all caught up again.

So stay tuned!