Nov 25, 2016

Summer '16 - Summer School & Summer Sonic

Every summer, Kobe City holds an English summer school for junior high school students. Its a fun day of various games and activities and getting to interact with a ton of ALTs.

For the ALTs its a super busy week; preparation day plus 3 days of the summer school. Its especially busy for those who take a leadership role. This year I was a room leader for one of the activities. It was a lot of work, but super fun too!

After summer school I headed to Summer Sonic too - something I had been looking forward to for MONTHS. 

Needless to say, August was really busy...

I wasn't going to be a room leader this year, but another JET had convinced me to team up with her. We had to create an activity for a room that would involve 30-50 students for 20 minute rotations. We ended up adapting an activity style that was used for the past few years, but a lot of stuff needed to be re-thought and re-made. There was a lot of planning and work in the two months before, and during the week of summer school my partner got sick. It was me and another ALT who was like our 2nd in command for the week running the show, along with the ten or so ALTs who were assigned to help us each day. It went really well though and we made it through with very few issues! The kids also enjoyed the games and dramatics (it was a space/alien theme) so I would say we were successful!

I was really exhausted when Friday finally rolled around but there was no time to rest!
On Saturday me and the BF woke up hella early (5am) and headed to Osaka for a full day of Summer Sonic.

When I say a FULL DAY, I really mean it. We lined up around 730am for getting our wristbands and buying merch, and we didn't leave the site until close to midnight.

First Day was busy, with me catching MO, [Alexandros], Two Door Cinema Club, The Yellow Monkey, Ieiri Leo, CREAM, SAKANACTION and Radiohead.

The shows were amazing! I can't even describe how great it was to see so many great bands all in one day. So many are bands I have loved for a long time and it was like a dream to see them play finally. I cried at Ieiri Leo especially. 

But, the day was intense. Every show I went to was outside, and it was HOT. No clouds, very humid and little shade. I luckily dodged a sunburn, but I did get a bit pink (impressive seeing as I was in the sun pretty much non-stop for 15hrs...). I was super dehydrated though - it was nearly impossible not to be. I was literally DRENCHED in sweat, to the point where my legs and arms looked like I had just gotten out of the shower. Through the day I think I drank about 10 ltrs of water, at least. Plus a ton of sports drinks... 

By the end of the day I was immensely exhausted. The BF and I had some difficulty trying to get home - the line for charter bus or taxi away from the venue to the station was easily a few hours long so we tried to find a bus. Luckily we did find one... but unluckily I left my phone on the bus when we left...

I was super cranky and upset and tired.. and 100% props to be BF for not only dealing with me, but also tracking down and finding my phone that night. We almost didn't get it as it was like midnight when I lost it so the but depot was almost closing, but we JUST made it in time. 

The second day I went 'solo' as the BF had to work but I ended up meeting up with friends in the afternoon.

I didn't go nearly as early, and it was a much better day for not being in the sun. I saw PVRIS, Tonight Alive, Billy Talent, Panic! at the Disco, Weezer, and Babymetal. Almost all the shows were at the only indoor stage so I was inside most of the day. Billy Talent was nuts though, as I got right into the pit and pushed so close to the front. I wasn't in the sun but that didn't stop me from getting 100% soaked in sweat. I actually had to go wring out and attempt to wash my shirt and shorts after the show because I was so wet... so gross....

After Summer Sonic I took a couple days off to sleep and recoup, then it was time to get ready for the second semester to start. 

Summer passed so quickly for me, but I was able to do so many amazing and fun things! Can't wait till next summer!