Mar 11, 2017

Fukuoka Trip! Dec 26-29

I had gone to Fukuoka between Christmas and New Years, taking the lull between holidays and plans to explore a new city in Japan.

I went for about 4 days, and while I didn't have much in the way of specific plans, I ended up really enjoying myself - shopping, relaxing, meeting new people, and taking in the sights.

Jan 30, 2017

Winter Holidays

Winter holidays are finally in the past, and I've jumped right back into work full force. So much so that I've been working overtime the past two weeks just about every day...

But enough about that for now - what about my holidays!?

Well, they ended up being pretty eventful, though I didn't have many big plans initially. Between Christmas, traveling to Fukuoka, and New Years, I kept pretty busy right up until I went back to work.

Christmas eve was just me and the boyfriend - pretty typical here in Japan. He had to work that day so we just had dinner at my place. 

Simple but a perfect night.

The next day I was helping him move - from his rented place to his grandparents old house. I met his parents for the first time that night - a bit unexpectedly - after his dad came to help move and suggested we all get dinner after together (boyfriend, his sister who I already know well, and parents).

Dec 23, 2016

Halloween 2016

Halloween was a lot more chill this year than it was last year - I didn't stay out all night, but I did go to a party and went to Osaka with friends! Oh, and USJ too!!

The Big 25! Self pity, Good Friends, Pandas, Ocean and Onsen!

October feels like forever ago already...
It was both busy and quiet, and highly emotional for me as well.
 My birthday week started out really rough, but by weeks close I was feeling a lot better about things and really enjoyed myself.
A sweet card from a student

Nov 25, 2016

Summer '16 - Summer School & Summer Sonic

Every summer, Kobe City holds an English summer school for junior high school students. Its a fun day of various games and activities and getting to interact with a ton of ALTs.

For the ALTs its a super busy week; preparation day plus 3 days of the summer school. Its especially busy for those who take a leadership role. This year I was a room leader for one of the activities. It was a lot of work, but super fun too!

After summer school I headed to Summer Sonic too - something I had been looking forward to for MONTHS. 

Needless to say, August was really busy...