Jul 21, 2018

3 Years in Japan - Update!

It's been a whole year since I last made an update. A lot has changed, though many things have stayed the same as well. I visited home, had friends visit, changed schools, and moved! Life has been even busier as I took on a new and much more challenging role as an ALT, but I'm so pleased with how things have been going for me here in Japan.

Here is a big long update post, but as I have mentioned before, I highly recommend you check out the links along the side bar for where to find more frequent updates about my life in Japan on the JET programme!

Aug 6, 2017

2nd Japaniversary

As of last week I have officially lived in Japan for two years.

I could go into the typical posting about 'time as flown by' and 'I can't believe its been two years!' - all of which I do feel, but I don't really think that all needs to be said in some long dramatic post. Instead I want to just take a look back at what has changed in my life since I came to Japan and Kobe, and what I'm looking forward to over the next year!

Jul 28, 2017

First half of 2017

It's been almost 5 months since my last post, and not a lot in my life has changed. I'm still in Kobe, still working at the same schools, and life has just continued on fairly normally. I figured I should update though, as some fun things have happened over the past half a year. I want to get better at posting more regularly, but I'm really bad at the blogging thing.

**If you do want to stay more up to date with my life in Japan, I highly suggest you check out my links on the side bar for my instagram and twitter, where I post much more regularly. (There is also tumblr and youtube links but I don't post much there at the moment)**

Anyway, check out below to get caught up with my 2017 so far!

Mar 11, 2017

Fukuoka Trip! Dec 26-29

I had gone to Fukuoka between Christmas and New Years, taking the lull between holidays and plans to explore a new city in Japan.

I went for about 4 days, and while I didn't have much in the way of specific plans, I ended up really enjoying myself - shopping, relaxing, meeting new people, and taking in the sights.

Jan 30, 2017

Winter Holidays

Winter holidays are finally in the past, and I've jumped right back into work full force. So much so that I've been working overtime the past two weeks just about every day...

But enough about that for now - what about my holidays!?

Well, they ended up being pretty eventful, though I didn't have many big plans initially. Between Christmas, traveling to Fukuoka, and New Years, I kept pretty busy right up until I went back to work.

Christmas eve was just me and the boyfriend - pretty typical here in Japan. He had to work that day so we just had dinner at my place. 

Simple but a perfect night.

The next day I was helping him move - from his rented place to his grandparents old house. I met his parents for the first time that night - a bit unexpectedly - after his dad came to help move and suggested we all get dinner after together (boyfriend, his sister who I already know well, and parents).