Nov 25, 2016

Summer '16 - Summer School & Summer Sonic

Every summer, Kobe City holds an English summer school for junior high school students. Its a fun day of various games and activities and getting to interact with a ton of ALTs.

For the ALTs its a super busy week; preparation day plus 3 days of the summer school. Its especially busy for those who take a leadership role. This year I was a room leader for one of the activities. It was a lot of work, but super fun too!

After summer school I headed to Summer Sonic too - something I had been looking forward to for MONTHS. 

Needless to say, August was really busy...

Nov 12, 2016

Summer '16 - Hiroshima and Hanabi

This was my first full summer in Japan, and while it would have been nice to visit home or go on some huge trip - I didn't. But, that doesn't mean I didn't travel at all or have a ton of fun.

At the end of July I took a short trip to Hiroshima.