Jan 2, 2016

Autumn turns to Winter ...kinda...

If you ever get a chance, try to see Japan in Autumn. The leaves turn that perfect color of red and yellow, the air is the perfect temperature, and the whole country just seems so alive after nearly melting to death over the summer. 

My autumn was pretty relaxing, mostly just work, trying not to get stressed, and trying to further adapt to life here in Japan. But it was also very enjoyable! I didn't get to travel anywhere special, but I got to see some pretty amazing things without going far.

First Halloween in Japan

*I know, I know, I'm terribly behind on posts. Hoping to catch up soon!*

Halloween back home is a pretty big deal. Just about everyone from children to adults do something for Halloween, even if its just something small. Children go trick or treating, parents and other adults might hand out candy, or go to a party. Parties aren't limited to Halloween night itself either. Halloween during my later high school and university years usually included anywhere from 2-5 parties/events spread out over about two weeks.

Halloween in 2010, Japanese Club at my University

In University I always went to the International Student Activity Program's (ISAP's) annual Halloween party, and I would usually organize a party for the Japanese club. Plus I would have sorority/fraternity parties, trick or eat (food bank fundraising) and any other miscellaneous events and parties. Needless to say it was a busy time.

Halloween in Japan is a bit different. Trick or Treating isn't really a thing (though some malls or neighborhoods might hold some sort of event), but parties definitely exist though only at clubs and bars, very rarely in homes. Also, from my experience, its typically only young adults who do the parting, where as in Canada and America its common for married and middle aged adults to also hold and attend various parties.

I wasn't as busy for Halloween this year as I usually am, though I did have quite an experience I'll never forget.