About The Author

Cheyanne is a young woman in her twenties hailing from the beautiful interior of British Columbia. She grew up in the Okanagan but has spent much of her adult life in Kamloops, BC. She is now teaching as an ALT through the JET Programme.

Cheyanne loves to spend her time jamming out to all kinds of music, and even plays a few instruments herself and has taught music at a summer youth camp. She also loves to spend time outdoors, enjoying sunshine and waves on beaches or snowboarding in the winter. Other interests also include watching anime, j-dramas, and whatever else she can find on netflix. Cheyanne also spends her free time hanging out with friends, studying Japanese, playing video games and being way too attached to social media.

This blog is a place for her to share her experience as an ALT and in her new life living and working in Kobe Japan.